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FYS Tuition

Youth and Junior Symphonies, Sinfonette

Full year tuition for Youth Symphony is $475, Junior Symphony is $450, and Sinfonette is $370. To keep tuition affordable FYS requires 10 volunteer hours from each family per year. Please Note: for families with more than one child the tuition is reduced by $25 for each additional sibling with a full year enrollment. For example, a family with 3 children enrolled for a full year would have a $50 sibling discount total.

Cash, checks, and credit card payments will be accepted at the first rehearsal. Checks can be mailed (along with the FYS Registration Form) to Fidalgo Youth Symphony, P.O. Box 692, Mount Vernon WA 98273. We also offer a 2-payment plan with 50% due on 9/28/17 & 50% on 1/18/18.

Tuition Assistance:

Referral Program

For the second year in a row, we are running a referral program for returning students. Every returning student who refers a new musician (who then auditions, is placed in a group and registers), will receive a $20 thank you gift! Have friends join you in symphony and get paid for it!!


The Fidalgo Youth Symphony has limited funds available to support students in need of tuition assistance. If you are in need of tuition assistance please complete this financial aid form and return it to the Fidalgo Youth Symphony at:
Fidalgo Youth Symphony P.O. Box 692 Mount Vernon WA 98273   before Aug.30.

Graduating Senior Scholarships

The purpose of this scholarship is to encourage, support, and reward musical excellence, interest, and ambition by providing a financial award to be used for the furtherance of higher education to qualifying students within Fidalgo Youth Symphony. More info Downloadable Application form



All members are required to register each year. You can simply pay and mail your FYS Registration Form to the above post office box.

Printable Registration Form

New members and those returning members wishing to move from Sinfonette to Junior, or Junior to Youth should schedule an audition. AUDITIONS ARE BY APPOINTMENT, SO PLEASE SEND AN EMAIL REQUEST to: sharynpeterson@hotmail.com to get an audition time.

Please bring instrument, FYS Registration Form and tuition payment to the audition.

Where: Salem Lutheran Church, 2529 N.Laventure Rd, Mount Vernon. Directions: Take exit 227 off I-5, go east on College Way and at Laventure Rd turn left. Travel approximately 1/2 mile to Hoag Rd and turn left. The church is on the corner of Hoag and Laventure. MAP

Placement/Audition Requirements:

Strings, Youth Symphony:

  • One major and one minor scale of your choice, three octaves
  • Short 2-minute solo of your most advanced piece
  • Brief sight-reading

Strings, Junior Symphony – same as Youth except:

  • Two octaves of scales


  • Same as strings, but include a chromatic scale

Sinfonette, all sections

  • informal audition required

Section Leaders and Principals

Click on link above to view a pdf file outlining the duties and responsibilities of section leaders and principals.

Rehearsals and Rehearsal Attendance

Every musician plays an important role in achieving artistic success. Orchestra members depend upon each other, not only at the concert, but at every rehearsal. It is only fair to expect a high level of team effort in maintaining the orchestra’s upward progress.

Weekly rehearsals begin the first Thursday in September and are held every Thursday during the academic year except during certain school holiday weeks.

When: Thursday evenings:

  • – Sinfonette 5:30 – 6:30 PM
  • – Junior Symphony 5:30 – 7:00 PM
  • – Youth Symphony 6:30 – 8:45 PM

Juniors and Youth rehearse together from 6:30-7:00 for festival piece.

Where: Salem Lutheran Church: 2529 N. Laventure Rd., Mount Vernon

Attendance at all rehearsals is required. Arrive at rehearsal early enough to warm up your instrument and tune.


It is of utmost importance to communicate concerning absences, to facilitate specially scheduled sectionals. (This is only normal courtesy to our supplemental professional instructors.)

Notify the president as early as possible before the anticipated absence.

Email: fidalgoyouthsymphony@gmail.com


FYS owns a modest library of symphonic works. We also rent and borrow music. Each year we add to our music library.

Music is issued to students at the beginning of each concert session. Taking care of your music is very important. You are responsible for music assigned to you. A replacement cost may be charged for lost or damaged music. Please take care of your music. Use only black pencil (no pen, highlighter, or red pencil.)


Practice and Preparation

All students are expected to come to rehearsals prepared, with their music and instruments in order. It is necessary to spend time practicing for rehearsals since this music is challenging, and needs both individual and group preparation. By fourth rehearsal the student should be able to correctly play all the notes and rhythm in their parts. This will enable our orchestra rehearsal to focus on ensemble precision and interpretation. It is expected that each student will practice their FYS music and that there will be an audible improvement in the part each week.

Concert Day

Concert Dress

FYS maintains a dress code for concert performances because a simple, integrated visual appearance promotes the image of the orchestra as a team. Musicians should arrive in their concert attire ready for pre-concert rehearsal. This will ensure extra practice time and a smooth transition to actual performance. Musicians who are not dressed appropriately will be required to change into something provided by the board of directors.

Junior Symphony and Sinfonette
  • Ladies: White long sleeved blouse, ankle or full length black skirt or full length dress slacks; black shoes and stockings. Please no sparkles or jewelry.
  • Gentlemen: White long sleeved shirt, black bow tie, black trousers, black shoes and socks.
Youth Symphony
  • Ladies: Long black dress or long sleeved black blouse and long or ankle length black skirt or dress slacks, black shoes and stockings. Please no sparkles or jewelry.
  • Gentlemen: Black jacket and slacks, black bow tie, White long sleeved shirt, black shoes and socks.

Symphony Etiquette

Code Of Conduct:

Any musician who exhibits inappropriate behavior at FYS rehearsals, concerts, or activities jeopardizes their good standing in the orchestra. Examples include, but are not limited to, disrespect toward other musicians or adults, verbal or physical threats towards others, horseplay, inappropriate physical conduct with others, inappropriate language, or any other behavior that undermines the integrity of the symphony. Inappropriate conduct may result in immediate forfeiture of membership in the symphony. Final determination regarding dismissal will be made by the Artistic Director and FYS President.

Fidalgo Youth Symphony maintains a drug free environment and any drug use by a member will not be tolerated resulting in dismissal from the program. The FYS artistic director, staff, and board of directors are committed to providing musical experiences in a safe, wholesome environment for all students.

Rehearsal Behavior

  1. Walk (not run) in the halls, and respect the facility, leaving each room as you found it.
  2. Play ONLY your own instrument during breaks and rehearsals.
  3. Food and drink are not permitted in rehearsal space.
  4. Brass instruments please make arrangements to empty spit valves onto paper or other appropriate receptacle.
  5. Avoid conversing during rehearsal-stay focused on the task at hand.
  6. Avoid foot-tapping.
  7. Prepare sections of your music each week, with a plan to have all of the notes and rhythms mastered well in advance of the concerts.
  8. Arrive early enough to be ready to play at the start time. Lateness is very disruptive and does a disservice to you and your colleagues.
  9. Rehearsals are intended to establish group unity in musical expression, not teach the individual notes. This is your challenge during the week—take the part to your private teachers!

Performance Behavior

Seating: All students will sit in the front rows of the audience when they are not performing. The exception will be that the Junior Symphony will be on deck (waiting in the wings) while the Sinfonette performs.

  1. Warm up with full and strong tone, not tentatively.
  2. Keep posture excellent-spine straight, legs uncrossed.
  3. Ladies-no short skirts. Wear a long skirt-it looks much more elegant and professional.
  4. Everyone must wear black stockings and shoes for a unified appearance on stage.
  5. Jewelry should not be distracting, visually or audibly.
  6. For the Conductor’s first entrance, stand together at attention and wait to be seated.
  7. During a solo section, don’t move unnecessarily-it distracts.
  8. Never talk to your neighbor during a concert!
  9. Control your facial expressions-they are dismayingly obvious and distracting to the audience!; Never acknowledge mistakes physically.
  10. At the end of the piece, remain seated until signaled to stand, and smile when applauded, no matter how you feel you performed!
  11. Congratulate yourself for the hundreds of notes you played right, and do not berate yourself for the few you missed! Have fun sharing great masterpieces with your family and friends!

Member Absence please send email to: fidalgoyouthsymphony@gmail.com

Comments on the website? email fidalgoyouthsymphony@gmail.com